During Passover, The Hillel at Texas A&M gathers Jewish Aggies to retell the Passover story and connect with the incredible Jewish community they have away from home. We need your help to make this happen.

Your donation is important:

  • $180 provides each student with Passover food
  • $360 provides wine and matzah for our Passover services
  • $540 provides Passover snacks and desserts throughout the holiday.

Thank you for helping Jewish Aggies have a place at our Seder table. 

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2023-2024 Aggie Seder Circle Members
  • Catherine and Allan Azran
  • Jeff Dunn ’76
  • Anita and Leslie Feigenbaum ’80
  • Lisa and Ari Friedman
  • Dr Jodi and Dr Yan Lemeshev
  • Harold Topletz Charitable Gift Fund (Class of 1939)
  • Kerry and David Wolpo ’81