Howdy From the AJC Global Forum

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A note from Hope Beitchman, Marketing and Communication Intern: Howdy Aggies! Last week I had the opportunity to go to AJC (American Jewish Committee) Global Forum in Washington D.C. with Danielle, Hillel’s student life coordinator. AJC is widely known for their global Jewish advocacy and at the conference we were able to hear from many speakers that have made the world a better place for the next generation and taught us how to follow in their footsteps.

We heard from politicians, such as a group of mayors who have signed an agreement to make anti-Semitism a crime (an initiative started by AJC), from Vian Dakhill, a member of Iraqi Parliament who has successfully freed her citizens from the clutches of ISIS and was awarded AJC’s Moral Courage Award, and from Senator Ted Cruz, who told us about his plans to combat BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions of Israel’s economy) in both the academic and commercial worlds.

We also heard from journalists, such as Soledad Cedro, a Latina journalist who traveled to Israel with Project Interchange and produced an Emmy award-winning, five-part series entitled “Israel, Much More Than a War” to show people the side of Israel that is not portrayed in the media.

Additionally we heard from a panel of students who fought BDS on their own college campuses at San Diego, Barnard, and Northwestern. From them we learned that it should not be considered a crisis, and how to handle the issue if it should occur on our own campus.

From the Global Forum I learned how to become more of an advocate, how to combat anti-Semitism and BDS, and so much more! I look forward to the amazing year we have ahead of us at Hillel! Have a happy and safe rest of your summer!