Student Leadership

Gabe Noble, 2017-2018 Hillel Student Board President

Gabe is junior studying Electrical Engineering and a member of Sigma Alpha Mu. He can be reached at

Aaron Blasband, 2016-2017 Hillel Student Board President

Aaron is a senior studying Computer Science. His goals for the upcoming year include to strengthen the Jewish community at Texas A&M by not only engaging new students but also bringing Jewish students already enrolled that are not yet involved. He also hopes to grow our presence on campus and be a well-known organization.

Aaron is very active in the Jewish community; last year he served on Hillel board as outreach chair, an engagement intern, and a member of Sigma Alpha Mu, the Jewish fraternity on campus. From Dallas, Aaron has also worked at Greene Family Camp for several summers. His two favorite events at Hillel were the Aggieland Hanukkah Party and the Israel Fair because these events show what we have to offer as a community. Aaron also likes hearing the interest of students that aren’t Jewish in our community and teaching others about our amazing culture. When asked what Hillel means to him Aaron responded, “Hillel means community, friendship, a place to hang out and to study, a home away from home. It’s what being a Jew in college should be”. Aaron can be reached at

Celeste Swanson, 2015-2016 Hillel Student Board Vice President

Celeste Swanson is a junior from San Antonio majoring in Anthropology. Celeste served as the Hillel student board president in 2015-2016 and while a sophomore and is reprising her role to work with Aaron as vice-president. Celeste worked hard to build the Hillel and Chabad relationship and to ensure that everyone feels welcome at Hillel. She looks forward to continuing to make Hillel a true home away from home for Jewish students in Aggieland! Celeste can be reached at

2016-2017 board From left to right: Gabe Noble, Douglas Mendelsohn, Celeste Swanson (Vice President), Rabbi Matt Rosenberg, Hope Beitchman, Aaron Blasband (President), Danielle Freedman (Jewish Student Life Coordinator), Neta Hetz (Israel Engagement Associate)

Our 2017-2018 student board consists of the following members:

President – Gabe Noble

Vice-President –

Members –

Minister Plenipotentiary –